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18 January 2008

    Throughout the Site

    • Added Google Search function to all pages
    • Replace NetObjects link with Affiliate NetObjects Link
    • Changed Top Banner Throughout Site
    • Expanded width of every page
    • Added Affiliate links for various recommended software products
    • Fixed font sizes throughout site; changed text bodies to 10 point font

    In the Ancient Rome Section

    • Fixed Lacus Curtius gateway link
    • On the Roman Trivia page, added a link to Augur, Augurium on Lacus Curtius which presents more detailed information on Augurs and augury

    In the Computer Section

    • Changed Langalist link to Windows Secrets link
    • Eliminated Monarch Computers link; the company is now defunct.
    • In the paragraph starting "In 1978", updated my computer mix
    • Created New Windows '98 Software Recommendations Page: Moved over the appropriate software from the software recommendations page
    • Eliminated link to A to Z PC Help; the page no longer exists

    On the Software Recommendations Page

    • Added some new products
    • Changed Leechget 2005 to Leechget, since each new version has the year following the "Leechget"
    • Eliminated AdSubtract Pro
    • Replaced GoBack Deluxe with Acronis Image Maker
    • Fixed HyperAccess link 
    • Replaced Partition Magic with Partition Manager
    • Changed Musicmatch to Yahoo Music Player; it was recently purchased by Yahoo

    On the Software Fixes & Workaround Page:

    • Added "Verifying DMI Pool Data . . . Then System Hangs" article 
    • Added "Can't Delete DCxxx--Access Denied (when trying to clear the Recycle Bin)" article

    On the File--Types and Extension Page

    • Added more extensions

    On the VB Page, added a cartoon to the header

    On the Windows 98/Me/Xp Shortcuts Page:

    • Added two new shortcuts

    Created a new Digital Art Section

    • Added a digital art software sub-section

    In the Fencing Section

    • Changed the picture in fencing section 
    • Revised Attack Your Opponent's Strengths to include "blade triggers" and renaming the original term "triggers" to "trigger spots" 
    • Classical Fencing.com- fixed font
    • Eliminated zap on Zivkovic link
    • Changed out the fencing photo at the top of the page
    • Added #11 the Sins of Fencing  
    • Changed links at bottom of each Mental Game page to point to the Mental Game main page
    • Added Destructive Self-Talk article  
    • Added Dealing with Expectations article 
    • Added How to Cope with Anger & Frustration article 
    • Updated prices and other info on Questions Asked Page
    • Added Ask Fred link to main fencing page
    • Eliminated the Fencomp software link since this product seems to have been discontinued.
    • Updated the FIE link
    • Changed American Fencing Archive link to an American Fencing Magazine link
    • Eliminated Competition Software link; the program no longer exists

    In the Fiction Writing Section

    • Added a Recommended Software for Writers Page
    • Fixed Author-Me link on Main Writer's Page
    • Eliminated Bobette Bryan's site link
    • Eliminated Heliocentric Writer's Network link; the site no longer exists
    • Added CompuServe's Books & Writers Forum link
    • Fixed For Writers site link

    In the Math-Science Section

    • Added "Deciphering Statistical Reporting" article
    • Added "Statistics Don't Lie, People Do" article
    • Added more books to the bibliography on the main section page
    • Added more links to the Nanotech section; corrected other links that had problems

    On the My Math/Science Background Page:

    • Updated magazines subscribed to

     On the Manual Square Root Page:

    • Fixed the formatting of the numbers on the page
    • Revised the article for clarity

    In the Other Section

    • On the Hand & Foot page, added a bibiliographic entry for Harry Wastrack's book on Hand & Foot
    • On the Pay Me page, added a Pay Me FAQ subsection

    Comments Page

    • This page didn't work for some reason using the NetObjects Fusion forms control; so I set up a Send Me Your Comments Page using a third party service
    • Added a Thank You page.

12 March 2007

  • Moved site to new Host Monster server. The site now has its own domain server.
  • Changed logo on the front page of site

3 September 2006

  • On the Manual Square Roots page-- Fixed a typo on the "Why Does This Method Work" section. The 2 after the "a" in the statement of the quadratic equation wasn't properly superscripted. (Thanks, Stephanie G. for catching this one!)
  • On the Roman Naming page, rewrote the article clarifying the written and spoken naming conventions while also clearing up the confusion between tribal name and gens name. (Thanks M. Hrynick for catching this one.)
  • Also on the Roman page, eliminated Rufus from the praenomina list, since I can't find a source linking its use as a praenomen solidly to the Late Roman Republic. (Thanks again to M. Hrynick for drawing this to my attention)
  • Fixed typo on the Roman Food & Drink page: UNKOWN was corrected to UNKNOWN. (Thanks Richard Clark)
  • Fixed link to Gary Brueggeman's site. (Thanks L. Clausewitz for the heads up)
  • Added some new extensions to the 2D/3D File formats page
  • Added some new entries to Software Recommendations page
  • Added PowerDVD problems page to the Problem Fixes & Workarounds section
  • Repaired broken links to listbox, combobox, textbox, etc. in the VB section
  • Tried to eliminate certain "font" and other formatting inconsistencies that have crept into the site over time and many changes.

8 January 2006

It's disconcerting how time flies. It's been all too long since I added information to the site. I hope that the new content I've added will make up somewhat for the lack of attention during the past year or two. Here are the current updates and changes to the website:

    Miscellaneous Changes Not Section Specific:

    • I've replaced the old comments page with a new one. It should now work with Outlook and AOL.
    • Corrected any remaining e-mail links that carried my old "inorbit.com" address; let me know if I missed any

    On the Home Page--

    • No changes

    In the Ancient Rome Section--

    • Added to the Annotated Bibliography two subsections: Ancient Technology and the Ancient World in General
    • Added new books to the Bibliography. Two new ones on Roman Women, two on Ancient Inventions, and many others
    • Changed the Roman Weights and Measures to reflect a more correct 11.65 inches to the Roman pedes (foot). [Thanks, whoever it was that e-mailed me on this.]
    • Added Scouts & Spies article to the section
    • Added to the list of praenomina that were taken only by one family in the Roman Naming article. [Thank you, Eleanor Skinner, for the new info]
    • Added a reference to the syrinx on the musical instruments page; it's listed temporarily as an "aeunis", which is a term I picked up for it from one source. I'm looking for a verifying source for this term, so if you know of one, do let me know.
    • Eliminated a duplicate entry for Verbena on the Roman Trivia page
    • Eliminated Wladyslaw Kowalski link to his Roman Musical Instruments page; it no longer exists

    In the Computer Section--

    • Added new links for shareware/freeware sites, hardware/software problem solution sites, places to shop and shopping comparison sites
    • Added Computer Diagnostic Tools
    • Updated Recommended Software--added lots of new tools
    • Updated Information Manager page with some new tools
    • Updated My Computer Background page

    In the Writing Section---

    • Added various links to Other Interesting Links
    • Added Manuscript Checklist
    • Eliminated all references to the Silver Quill forum on Delphi, which is now defunct.
    • Fixed "Back to Fiction Writing" link on two of the pages so that they work properly

    In the Fencing Section--

    • Corrected the Blade Fencing link on the section main page
    • Added two more ROTs to Rich's ROTs
    • Added an article on "Stealth""
    • Added a section on The Mental Game in Fencing
    • Added an article on the "Worm of Worry"
    • Added an article on "Framing & Reframing
    • Added an article on "The Mortal Sins of Fencing"
    • Added an article on "Striving for Perfection"
    • Moved The Bear article to the new Mental Game in Fencing section."

    In the Math/Science Section--

    • Modified my math/science background
    • Added to the No Muss, No Fuss Trig page
    • Added a More Trig page
    • Added a page dealing with Questions to Ask When Reading Articles Dealing with Research Results
    • Added a How People Lie with Statistics page
    • Corrected a mistype in the second box of the 5 = -1 page. The original line read "subtract -5" when it should have read "subtract 5". (Thanks, William Hopeman. Good catch!)


3 September 2003

A website revision has been long overdue, so I've added nearly a dozen new pages as well as updating existing content.

  • In the Ancient Rome section:
    • Added a page on Clients & Patrons
    • Added a page listing the Romans who served as Consuls for the years 70-40 B.C.
    • Added a page on Pets & Animals
    • Added a page on the Composition of the Roman Senate 49-46BC
    • Eliminated the Animals section on the Roman Trivia page
    • Added some new items and a new timekeeping section to the Roman Trivia page
  • In the Computer Section,
    • In the main page, under Web Links:
      • Eliminated link to CompUSA´s Y2K Manufacturers´ Compliance Table
      • Added some links to some nifty computer-related newsletters
      • Added link for Spamdemic, a site about spamming and spammers
      • Added some links for comparison shopping sites
      • Added Better Business Bureau and Resellerratings.com
      • Added links to various vendors who sell special and hard-to-find PC hardware
      • Added link to AZ PC Help
    • Updated the Castro HTML book reference to reflect the latest version of the book
    • Added Information Manager page
    • Revised the Computer Bio Page
    • On the Recommended Software Page:
      • Deleted Copernic Shopper link (product was discontinued)
      • Updated Copernic 2000 Pro link to reflect new name for the software
      • Changed Microplanet Gravity link to reflect the "Super" Gravity site where one of the former developers of the product continues to advance its capabilities.
      • Eliminated Go!Zilla from the recommended list since they don't seem to be actively supporting their registered users any more, nor have they upgraded the product in months.
      • Eliminated WingDir, from the recommended list since they've not updated their program since 1999 and it doesn't have folder management tools that are often necessary when doing file management
      • Added entries for several new products in both the freeware and commercial software sections
  • In the Fencing Section:
    • On the Diagnostics page, incorporated several small addition
    • Added the term Demi-turn to the Glossary and revised the Inquartata definition
    • Added the Quadrants of Control, Parries, and "Hand Flips" page
    • Added a Problem Assessment page
    • Added a link to Duelist Fencing Equipment on the section main page
  • In the Fiction Writing Section:
    • Added a page on Figures of Speech
    • Added a page on Transitions
    • Added Manuscript Checker page
    • Added link to reference site Bartleby.com on the Fiction Writing Main Page
    • Added link to Idiomsite on the Fiction Writing Page
    • Changed link to AAR on the How to Get Your Book Published page to reflect change in URL (Thanks, Alex [?] for the heads up)
    • Added link to ThePriceSearch.com
  • In the Math/Science Section:
    • Revised My Math and Science Backgroung Page
    • Added link to Calculators-on-Line to the Main Page
  • In the Other Stuff Section:
    • Added links to Metacritic.com and Filmcritic.com
    • Added a link to Mitterskill Ski Resort
    • Modified Rth Short Bio page to reflect my current status.
  • Repaired various mailto links throughout the site that still pointed to my old inorbit.com address (Thanks, Tom Shead, for the heads up on this!)..

15 July 2002

  • On the Home Page, deleted Road Runner logo and added ATT Broadband logo.
  • Changed out the Net Objects Fusion logo throughout the entire site.
  • Made several corrections to the Roman Place Name page based on information provided by Bill Thayer. Changes included Huesca being in Spain. Forum being misspelled as Forium in several place names, and the full modern names of the two Reggios. (Thanks, Bill)
  • Added new books to the bibliography sections of Ancient Rome and Fiction Writing main pages.
  • The Australian Fencing Commission no longer exists; apparently it's morphed into the Australian Fencing Federation. Consequently, links to the AFF were substituted for the AFC (thank you Derek Bazen for the heads up).
  • Added reference to Point Control competition fencing program on the Fencing section main page
  • Updated link to Blade Fencing and eliminated Prieur Sports link on the Fencing section main page.
  • On the Fiction Writing main page, added a new link to SF Novelist, a hard SF critique group founded by Victory Crayne
  • Added Hardware Device Driver (with two new links) subsection to, and updated Other Resources subsection on the Computer section main page.
  • On the Other Stuff page, deleted link to AdCritic, which, unfortunately had to close its doors.

7 March 2002

  • Fixed missing side button bar on Spectral Classes of Stars page
  • ATT Broadband killed off Mediaone Road Runner server; so site moved to attbi.com server
  • Added link to Domain Direct for people looking for a good domain registration service

23 February 2002

  • Delphi changed all its URLs for its forums, so corrected all links on the Fiction Writing and Fencing Section pages

1 February 2002

  • Updated and added new sections to the Roman Naming page
  • Updated Roman Places Page
  • Changed my mailto address throughout the site
  • Added Prieur Sports link to the Fencing section; deleted Cyrano's Place link
  • Deleted links to Rest Stop Writers and the Inkwell Writers forums--both have pretty much died as far as activity is concerned
  • Updated Auction links to reflect only UBid; Egghead.com was absorbed by Amazon.com
  • Added some new programs to my recommended program list in the Computer Section
  • Added a couple of more books to the Ancient Rome section bibliography

11 December 2001

  • Evidently Safe Surf doesn't exist anymore and its site URL now points to a porn site (ironic). So I've taken the link and logo off the Main Page
  • Corrected the URL for Triplette Fencing; the old URL mistakenly pointed to Safe Surf, which in turn pointed to a porn site. My apologies to anyone who was steered there by mistake.
  • Made the dynamic HTML "The Rth Dimension" title static so that people using the Opera web browser can see it.
  • Changed background on bottom two tiers of pages in the Roman Army subsection of the Ancient Rome section to be consistent with the rest of the screens in the section.

25 October 2001

  • On the Computer Section Main Page
    • Added table of contents to WWW Links subsection
    • Added links for htmlGear, NetObjects Fusion and updated other links
    • Added logos to Web Site Construction and Maintenance section
    • Added section: Interesting Computer Information Sites

23 October 2001

  • On the Main Page
    • Changed GuestBook logo to reflect its ownership by NetGear (a Lycos subsidiary)
    • Added a "Here's a thought:" sayings "rotater"
    • Changed the design of the page--just a little--by moving the Road Runner and Surf Save logos to below the central navigation bar.
  • In the Computer Section
    • Updated all File Extension pages: added new extensions and revised several entries
    • Added Files--Other Useful Info Page
    • Added new sub-section on Visual Basic containing several pages dealing with VB Functions and Statements
    • Added Recommended Software page
    • Added link to Recommended Software page from the Windows Tips page.
  • In the Fiction Writing Section
    • On the Fiction Writing Page
      • Added a Book Store and Rare/Out-of-Print Book Service section in the Web Links section
      • Updated Minimizing Information Dumps page
    • Made the Character Profile Page easier to use by adding a Table of Contents and internal navigation links
    • Added Metaprograms link to Character Profile page and reformatted the Metaprogram section of the page
    • Changed the colors in the table on the Spectral Classes page
  • In the Fencing Section
    • On the Cage the Bear Page, change "Fear of Frustration" to "Fear of Failure"
    • Changed the Fencing Bio to reflect more accurately my coaching activity at Syracuse University
    • Added to the Diagnostics page more details re observing and treating with tempo.
    • Made the Fencing Glossary Page easier to use by adding an Alphabetic selector and improved internal navigation links
  • In the Math/Science Section
    • Added Nanotech Planet link to WWW Link section of the Math/Science section Main page
    • Added link to Spectral Classes of Stars which resides in the Fiction Writing section.
  • In the Ancient Rome Section
    • Added several interesting books to the bibliography
    • Revised the Roman Invective page--added more words
    • Corrected error in the Roman Officials table; after 367 BCE, Plebians as well as Patrician could hold the office of consul (and, consequently, proconsul as well). My thanks to Dennis Rayl for the heads up.
    • Added several new items to the Roman Trivia page.
    • Cleaned up Musical Instruments table; eliminated redundant entries and eliminated English terminology from the Instrument type column (only the Latin names are presented). Changed Instrument Type column label to Instrument Name.
    • Changed the color scheme for the Roman Place Name page table to something more readable (I hope!)
    • Added an entire new section on the Roman Army
  • In the Other Stuff Section
    • Added some books to the Crytography Bibliography section
    • Added Movie/Video subsection to the Links section
  • Added Table of Contents to pages that seemed to need one.
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate

26 Mar 2001

  • Fixed anchors on Roman Trivia and Windows 98 Tips pages.

23 Mar 2001

  • Updated various book links to Amazon; marked them updated
  • To the Ancient Rome Section:
    • Added Musical InstrumentsPage
    • Added new books to the Roman Bibliography
  • To the Computer Section:
    • Added Windows 98/Me Keyboard Shortcuts Page
    • Updated the Egghead.com logo
    • Revised My Computer Background page
  • In the Fencing Section:
    • Revised links to vendors Leon Paul and Zivkovic
    • Updated links for On Target Fencing web site and for Northern Ohio Division
    • Added page on Pacing and Energy Management
    • Added Fencing Cartoons page
  • To the Fiction Writing Section
    • Added Zentao 7 Speculative Fiction Critique Group Link
    • Added Stomping Adverbs page


8 Nov 2000

  • Changed ISPs to AT&T Broadband's Road Runner.
  • Expanded the file extension section from one page to several; added more information to all tables.
  • Fixed the formatting of the Effective Openings page in the Fiction Writing section to remove extraneous bulleting.
  • "Centered in browser" all site pages

3 Aug 2000

  • Changed the overall design of the site to a two-frame design (apologies to all those who hate frames; but this change, I think, was badly needed) for easier subsection
  • On the Home Page:
    • Deleted redundant text menu bar
    • Put Earthlink and Rating icons in table so that menu bar is visible without having to scroll down
  • On the Ancient Rome Page
    • Added McKay's book on Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World to the book bibliography section
    • Added links to the Roman House Designs site and Brueggeman's Roman Army site to the links sections
  • In the Computer section:
    • Added Computer Trivia and File Extension pages
    • On the Computer Bio Page:
      • Added links to GCPCUG, the Rth Dimension Fencing section, and the Rth Dimension section
  • On the Fencing Page:
    • Added Nick Evangelista's new book to the bibliography
    • Added link to Oberlin Fencing Club's forum on Delphi
  • In the Fiction Writing Section
    • Added Speech Tag and Fantasy Writing Bibliography pages
    • On the Fiction Writing Page
      • Added new section for Writers' Forums
      • Renamed "Major Genre Organizations" to "Major Writers Organizations"
      • Added links for Victory Crayne's web site, Novelists Inc., the ASJA, the Authors Guild, and the Society of Cheildren's Book Writers & Illustrators
    • On the How to Get Your Book Published Page:
      • Added links to the AAR and the Literary Marketplace web sites
  • Added sidebars to all subsection pages for easier navigation of the site
  • Removed and added new and updated flags to sections as needed

14 Apr 2000

  • On the Ancient Rome Page
    • Fixed broken links for Roman Sites and Romarch on the Ancient Roman Page.
    • Added links to N.S. Gill´s Ancient History Forum on Delphi; the Roman History, Coins, and Technology web site; and the Roman Army in the Late Republic and Early Empire web site
  • Corrected error in the definition of Plebian on the Roman Officials page: Plebians were Roman Citizens who weren´t "patricians".
  • On the Fiction Writing Page:
    • Added "Immediacy" article
    • Added link to Bobette Bryan´s The Readers´ and Writers´ Cookie Jar
  • Added "Flick Defense" article to Fencing Section
  • On the TrigTricks page, fixed the arrow link (at the bottom of the page) so that it returns the reader to math/science instead of the writers page
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate

29 Feb 2000

  • Added a Site Meter counter to every page to track visitors and page views
  • In the Ancient Rome section:
    • Updated the Epithets article and re-ordered the table entries
    • Updated the Roman Places Page
  • On the Computer Page:
    • Added a link for Site Meter
  • In the Fencing section:
    • Added the Cage The Bear article
  • To the Fiction Writing Page
    • Added an Other Interesting Links section to Useful WWW Links; first link: Interquest Faces website
  • To the Other Stuff Page:
    • Added Music Sites You Might Enjoy section to Useful WWW Links; first two links: Starlight Buzz and Splashdown web sites

16 Feb 2000

  • Changed ISPs--moved the site from Internet Ohio to Earthlink
  • Eliminated text bars where they were redundant (e.g., where menu bar Alt text is present) to streamline the look of the site and speed up loading.
  • Redid Comments page CGI code to conform to new ISP´s requirements
  • Since Earthlink only allows one counter per site, eliminated recently installed section counters
  • In the Ancient Roman Page Section
    • Added a Roman Place Names Table Page
  • On the Computer Page:
    • Added Global Traffic Report GIF/link
    • Added a link to Drivers Headquarters
  • On the Fencing Page:
    • Added an Other Fencing Clubs in Ohio section
  • Modified the alignment of the figures on the Taking the Manual Square Root of a Number page
  • Modified the text attributes on the Hamper´s Laws page so that it´s more readable
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate

4 Feb 2000

  • Added counters to all Section Pages
  • Added automatic variable for page updated
  • Finally fixed Comments Page; since the last attempt at repairing it, it hasn´t worked. So if you sent me comments and didn´t receive an answer, this is why. My apologies.

30 Jan 2000

  • Revamped the organization of the Trivia Page and added more content
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate
  • On the Ancient Roman Page:
    • Updated the Bibliography
    • Updated the Roman Food and Drink section

15 Jan 2000

    Several pages ended up blank to an inadvertent deletion of some of the pertinent text files (Translation: I blew it by mistakenly deleting the wrong files). Anyway, the following pages were fixed:

    • Roman Naming Conventions
    • Roman Officials
    • Trig Tricks
    • Taking the Manual Square Root of a Number
    • Two Equals One Proof

      My apologies to anyone who may have been inconvenienced by my goof.

7 Jan 2000

  • On the Ancient Rome Page:
    • Added a link to N.I. Gills Classical History Web Site
  • Updated several sections of the Roman Sanitation Page
  • On the Comments Page:
    • Fixed the form so that the Subject is sent, eliminating the "Subject Not Found" error I was receiving on form input sent to me; fixed all field names to eliminate NetObjects Fusion´s override of my original field names
  • On the Computer Page:
    • Added My Computer Background article
    • Added the Data Partitioning--Hard Drives, Partitions, and Logical Drives article
    • Added Windows 98 Tips & Tools article
    • Created an Other Resources Links Section
    • Added links for The List and for CompUSA´s Y2K vendor compliance table
    • Added links for Egghead + Onsale and UBid auction sites
  • On the Fencing Section page:
    • Fixed broken links to the On Target Fencing and Northern Ohio Division web sites
  • On the Writing Section Page:
    • Added Useful Sites for Mystery Writers to the Links Section
    • Updated the link to the Critter´s Workshop
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate

19 Nov 99

  • Added motion to The Rth Dimension Logo-Header on the Home Page
  • Added a site map (so far, accessible only through the Home Page)
  • Completely reconstructed the entire site to make it easier to maintain via NetObjects Fusion
  • Changed the name of the Other Interests Page to the Other Stuff Page
  • Changed the name of the Writing Section to the Fiction Writing Section
  • Moved Rich Hamper--A Short Bio from the Home Page to the Other Stuff page
  • Made minor revisions to the text on the Why This Roman Section Page
  • Updated the Fencing Glossary Page
  • Corrected links to Amazon.Com for the folloing books: Elements of Style (Strunk & White); How to Try a Murder; Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers; Modern Researcher; Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation; Wrinkles in Time; and Creating Short Fiction.
  • Updated General Writing, SF Writing, and Mystery Writing Bibliographies.
  • Made the following changes to the Fiction Writing Section:
    • Filtering--When To Use It & When Not To article
  • Made the following changes to the Math & Science Page:
    • 5 = -1? article
    • Updated the mathematics and statistics sections of the Annotated Bibliography
  • Added a Cryptology section to Annotated Bibliography on the Other Interests Page
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate

25 Oct 99

  • Fixed and revised the Comments Page
  • Removed old new and updated flags; added new ones where appropriate
  • Revised the Home Page to reflect my reliance on Visual Page 2.0
  • Updated the General Writing Bibliography Page
  • Made the following changes to the Computer Page:
    • Updated Web Site Construction and Maintenance Bibliography
  • Updated the bibliography on the Fencing Page
  • Made the following changes to the Roman Page:
    • Added Cosmetics and Perfumes article
    • Added Hair and Beards article

1 Jul 99

  • Added Metaprograms and how they can be used in characterization article to the Writing Page
  • Changed all external links on to open in a separate window
  • Added Metaprograms article to Other Interests Page
  • Added books on camping/backpacking, card magic, card playing, gambling, and personal development to the bibliography on the Other Interests Page
  • Updated Mystery Writing Bibliography Page
  • Changed all external links on the following pages so that they open in separate windows:
    • Ancient Rome
    • Computer
    • Fencing
    • General Writing Bibliography
    • Math/Science
    • Mystery Writing Bibliography
    • Other Interests
    • SF/Fantasy Writing Bibliography
    • Writing Page

24 Jun 99

  • Made the following changes to the Roman Page:
    • Added Food, Drink, and Meals Section
    • Added Roman Government Officials Section
    • Added Some Roman Weights and Measures Section
  • Updated Science Fiction Writing Useful Books scientific reference bibliography


16 Jun 99

  • Made the following changes to the Fencing Page
    • Added link to the United States Fencing Coaches Association
    • Added new section for Fencing Competition Software
    • Added mini-review on Evangelista's Art and Science of Fencing book
    • Added Fencing Glossary of Terms page
  • Made the following changes to the Writing Page

    • Added Effective Openings article
    • Added Rules of Thumb for Dialogue article
    • Added Pace Control article
    • Added Minimizing Info Dumps article
    • Updated SF/F Writing Bibliography

1 June 99

  • Corrected two embarrassing errors in the Perpetual Calendar calculation example on the Perpetual Calendar page

30 Mar 99

  • Added link for Rest Stop Writer's Forum (on Delphi) to the Writing Page
  • Made the following changes to the Fencing Page:
  • Added a link to Armorer Extraordinaire Delphi Forum
  • Eliminated the PFL link (the organization folded)
  • Eliminated the extra bullet at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed the FAQ Link
  • Added Hamper's Laws to the Other Interests Section
  • Eliminated extra space at the end of the Roman Page
  • Changed "XIII century" fencing reference to "sixteenth century" on the Three Weapons of Fencing Page

21 Jan 99

Now you can read reviews of the books in my bibliographies and/or buy the books at Amazon.com. Just click on the book title.

  • Added missing ISBNs to Roman bibliography
  • Corrected titles in the Roman and Math-Science sections that were in error
  • Added book links to Amazon.com to the following screens:
  • Fencing section page
  • Math-Science section page
  • Roman section page
  • General Writing bibliography page
  • Mystery Writing bibliography page
  • Computer section page
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy bibliography page  
  • Added Amazon.com logo, link and note to Index.HTML (opening screen)

15 Jan 99

  • Added link to Skyline Writers Forum (on Delphi) to the Writing Section
  • Added links to fencing forums on Delphi to the Fencing Section
  • Added the following articles to the Fencing section:
  • The Three Weapons of Fencing and How They're Played
  • Rich's Rules of Thumb (ROTs) for Epee Fencing
  • Diagnostics: A Checklist for Assessing Opponents

30 Dec 98

  • Fixed table formatting on 2=1 page
  • Added items to the Camper's Checklist
  • Added more information about jokers to Continental Rummy rules page

29 Oct 98

  • Activated the Computers section of the web site.
  • Added this What's New page.
  • Added the following articles:
  • RASH File Attributes
  • How to Get Your Book Published
  • Roman Naming Conventions
  • Roman Sanitation
  • Added some additional trivia to the Roman Trivia section
  • Performed some minor edits on various pages
  • Added link to The Literary Market Place on two pages
  • Changed backgrounds on some pages to ensure that similar background is used for all pages in a section

4 Sep 98 -- Site published.

28 Aug 98 -- Site created.

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