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Books PhotoUSEFUL BOOKS (an annotated Bibliography):


Card Playing

  • Scarne, John. Scarne on Cards. New York: New American Library. 1991. ISBN:0451149491. [discusses rules of play (both home and casino), strategy, and how to avoid becoming the victim of cheats. Excellent book. Written by a world famous sleight of hand magician as a guide to GIs in WWII. Still an excellent reference]

Cartooning/Drawing--Some nifty books for the beginning drawer/cartoonist



  • Scarne, John. Scarne's New Complete Guide to Gambling. New York: Simon and Schuster. 1986. ISBN: 0671630636. [a comprehensive guide to casino, lottery, track, carnival, amusement park, and bazaar gambling, complete with commentary on bookmakers and spotting/coping with cheaters and hustlers. Also discusses private betting proposition cheats and hustles. Highly recommended]


Card Magic

  • Gibson, Walter. The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic. New York: Doubleday and Co. 1969. ISBN:0385063148. [focuses on how to do various techniques, then gives several tricks applying each. Excellent pictures. Highly recommended]
  • Hugard, Jean; Braue, Frederick. Expert Card Technique. New York: Dover Publications. 1976. ISBN: 0486217558.[one of the better books dealing with advanced card manipulation and close-up card magic technique. Lots of good tricks. Highly recommended.]
  • Hugard, Jean. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.. New York: Dover Publications. 1976. ISBN: 0486212521.[lots of good tricks. Recommended]
  • Scarne, John. Scarne on Card Tricks. New York: New American Library. 1995. ISBN:0451158644. [Presents instructions for 155 card tricks, some created by the author. Not a bad selection of tricks]
  • Vernon, Dai. Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic, Part One. London: Harry Stanley. Copyright year unknown. ISBN: None. [a hard-to-find hardback book which may only be available in magic stores. Very excellent tricks by one of the world's greatest sleight-of-hand card magicians with photos showing the manipulation techniques involved.Highly recommended.]

Coin Magic

  • Bobo, J.B. The New Modern Coin Magic. Chicago: Magic Inc. 1966. ISBN:Unknown. [the bible of close-up coin magic. Lots of good diagrams and clear explanations. Highly recommended]. Seems to be out-of-print, but may be the same as:
  • Bobo, J.B. Modern Coin Magic. New York: Dover Publications. 1982. ISBN:0486242587.

Rope Magic


  • Robbins, Antony; McClendon, Joseph.Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement. New York: Fireside Books. 1997. ISBN:0684845776. [this is the most significant book I've ever read dealing with personal development; it's changed my life and the way I interact with others.Highly Recommended]

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  • ACBL (American Contract Bridge League)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (If you'd like to learn about our town)
  • Denis the Magician's Magic Supplies [online source for all sorts of magical tricks and paraphernalia]
  • IBM (the other one: The International Brotherhood of Magicians) [Wannabees, amateurs, and professionals all belong to this group; local groups known as Magic Rings exist throughout the world]
  • Magictricks.com [another source of magical goodies]
  • SAM (the Society of American Magicians) [another group for those interested in magic; has local chapters]

Movie/Video Sites You Might Enjoy

Music Sites You Might Enjoy

Groups just starting out:

  • Splashdown Web Site ["alternative" music, really nifty . . . haunting in its own way]
  • Starlight Buzz Web Site [More "alternative" music. Their lead vocalist sounds like Grace Slick. Nifty guitar sound]


  • Mittersill Ski Resort [Located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, it's our favorite timeshare for winter skiing]


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